Expanding Vision


How Do We Experience Special Times in Our Lives?


A service Celebrating our Oneness. 
It is a joyful and intergenerational enlivening connection and creating with simple circle dancing, singing, movements, music, and meditation embodying our whole being!  Please contact us to find out where we meet. 

Linda Hill, Harpist and Musician (619-469-4277 ) and
Donna Lindsey, Dr. of Ministry (contact info)

Expanding Vision creates anew or helps you refresh traditional ceremonies and rituals that capture the beauty and meaning of transitions in our lives. 

Expanding Vision assists you in preparing and carrying out meaningful ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, and memorials that mark special times in your life journey:

  • Weddings
  • Blessing of Unions
  • Celebrations of Life
  • Memorials and Funerals
  • Creation of rituals & celebrations for other transitions and life events, such as:
    • A Naming Ceremony (child or adult)
    • Healing a living space
    • Celebrating a new job, house, or anniversary

Short Workshops, Presentations, and Discussions for Small Groups

Creation Spirituality:   An experiential journey to discover the theory behind and praxis of Creation Spirituality.  Rediscovering this earliest tradition in the Hebrew Bible and its celebration by the mystics of medieval Europe.  Where passion, compassion, science, religion, and the arts meet and act. 

The Great Journey:   Introduction to the Universe Story.  A co-creative ritual of Gratitude and Commitment telling the most complete Genesis story now possible.  The Great Journey helps us experience the awe, joy, and wonder in where we have been and an understanding of our nature and purpose as part of the earth which can awaken us to our role as co-creators with God. 

Deep Prayer:   Practicing, celebrating and enriching our lives and the creative energy of our faith communities through the many ways of prayer.  Deepening our spiritual journey in the mystery of the Divine. 

Liturgy and Language:   An experiential music and words workshop delving into the meaning and impact of words and concepts in our faith communities, our theology, and our liturgy.  When do our words describe how the Divine is still speaking?  What is our music saying?  How do we celebrate the Sacred?  How are we being heard? 

Pilgrimage:   Discovering the art of pilgrimage in everyday life.  Playing with the Divine in the richness of Sacred Creating.  Seeing the ordinary as Sacred.  Finding renewal in darkness. 

Expanding Vision Interpretation Service

Building a bridge from the past to the present. 

Inclusive language interpretation of sacred texts and other written words so we might hear and feel them as they relate to our lives and world today, and therefore feel ourselves included in their meaning. 

Bringing new insights to texts by considering factors that have traditionally been omitted from consideration such as:  defining ourselves and our environment, gender, race, ethnic origins, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, spiritual understandings, plus what is happening in the larger world. 

If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.  If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. 
Jesus in The Gospel of Thomas

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