Expanding Vision


Why Expanding Vision

As we grow, changes enter our lives and many of the ceremonies and rituals we have used no longer convey our experience.  We find ourselves in need of new ways to express ourselves and ways to share this with others. 

These special times in our lives that we mark with ceremonies and rituals need new words, new ways of expressing what is taking place. 

New understanding and events arise and we want to create new traditions — or we may want to refresh the old. 

The foundation for this work is the stories, traditions and gifts of our ancestors that give shape to our awarness as we move, live and breathe beyond traditions that no longer speak to us. 

Along the way it is important to tell our stories by creating different ways to recognize and mark these important places along our path.  Sharing these times with others can be one of our gifts both to ourselves and to the universe

To survive we must begin to know sacredness.  The pace at which most of us live prevents this. 

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